• I feel elated in the fact that I know the Author of a very good Devotional. I purchased the Kindle version of the book, and I have found it to be very inspiring. I love the way you have linked your experiences with God's promises. I thank God for enabling you to do such a wonderful work. May God continue to bless you, and may He take you from success to success.
    Angella Walters
  • I am truly delighted and absolutely thrilled and fascinated by this pleasingly inspiring production by Carol M. Williams. If there is a book that can be described as possessing dynamic relevance, When God says, "I Will..." surely does! It can be justifiably said concerning this book, "Its time has come!"
    George P. Williams

  • Are you questioning God regarding the keeping of His promises? Does He care about you personally? If you have any doubts in answering any of these questions, let me introduce you to the inspirational devotional, When God says, "I Will...” In this book the author, Carol Williams, shares her personal life experiences and correlates them with scripture passages, verifying the assurance of God’s abiding presence. Unlike other devotionals, there are no specific dates attached to any reading; just open the book and choose the topic that appeals to your spirituality that day. I assure you, you will be supremely blessed.
    Iona Wedderburn
  • I am thrilled to write a testimonial about the book, When God says, "I Will..." I know exactly how I feel about this beautiful and treasured devotional, but what words could I possibly use that would accurately describe what it means to me. I am attracted by the gentle and simple way it is written. This devotional reminds me that we are children of God, that we are never alone, and that God wants us to be happy, and enjoy life with His personal promises! Wow! What a concept! I'm amazed to find that each message seem to say what I need to hear. So, if you're thinking of a devotional that will enhance your spirituality, this is your best choice. It is a beautiful, well-written devotional with you in mind. I know you will be pleased and excited about this book as I am! Welcome to the wonderful words of When God Says, "I Will..."
    Patrice M. Wright

  • Being a devout Christian, I own several devotional books. I thought getting another one was maybe not necessary. I however felt compelled to purchase When God says, "I Will..." by Carol Williams. What a wise decision it was. The book came at a time when I was going through a rough journey. I was 12 weeks pregnant, and was told my Quad test results suggests a 1:24 chance of my baby having Downs Syndrome. The devastation and fear that gripped my family and I was like nothing we've felt before. I opted for an amniocentesis. While waiting for one whole grueling week for the results, I spent most days confined to bed, crying and praying. I had ordered When God says, "I Will..." from Amazon, with a 2-week delivery promise. One week before the expected arrival date from Amazon, as I laid on my bed weeping, the postman dropped a package. My daughter picked it up and brought it to me. I opened the package with tears running down my cheeks. Out fell my new devotional book...a week earlier than expected! The first chapter titled: "I Will Do It" was written for me. After reading about Carol's obstetric scare, and how she came close to losing her only child, my faith became stronger. God promised that if we ask anything in His name, He will do it! This chapter led me to my knees in confession for my lack of faith, and prayer for God's will to be done in my unborn child's life. My tears dried up miraculously. I no longer feared the amniocentesis result. God had used a small Devotional book to raise me up out of my state of depression. Needless to say, the results were good, and now at 27 weeks, my pregnancy is progressing well, with a healthy, active baby girl! What a mighty God we serve. When God says, "I Will..." is an easy to read , inspiring and faith-building book. It is deep and personal, appealing to the very soul of the reader. I'd like to give thanks to the Almighty for using Carol in such a mighty way to produce a quality Devotional. I'm looking forward to another publishing in the near future. Blessings.
    Julie-Ann Ramjas

  • As I opened this book the morning after the book launch, I was impressed by the font size of the script as it was large enough so anyone could read. Upon reading the first chapter it was firmly cemented in my mind that this author is indeed a mature and selfless Christian lady. Mrs. Williams was willing to share her very private and personal experience with critics and strangers in order to share Christ with them; this speaks to the kind of relationship she has with Him. I have found the Devotional is very reader friendly as the thoughts are short and to the point which encourages non-readers like me to continue reading. The length of each devotional is perfect for me in the mornings when time is an issue and also makes it easy to share with non-Christians and also my students who often have a very short attention span. I believe anybody at any age, sex, educational level, race or ethnicity can read this book as the thoughts are simply written, almost impossible to get confused or bored.
    Tracey-Ann Lewis