About Carol

Carol M. Williams was born in Jamaica and grew up in the Cayman Islands. As a practicing registered nurse Mrs. Williams has worked at several hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, and schools. Her passion for people extends to motivational speaking, and so her speaking engagements have included women’s conferences, Family Life events, children and young adult conferences, graduations ceremonies, and Health Fairs. She is the wife of Pastor George P. Williams, a pastor employed by the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, and they have been married for twenty-five years.Their son and only child, Roger George, is a young pilot. Her husband and son have both played pivotal roles in her spiritual journey. As a powerful woman of God Carol also serves with pride as a strong supporter of her husband, and she takes her role as Shepherdess very seriously.This book is her first published work, the contents of which she believes she was divinely inspired to share. She hopes that each reader will be inspired and encouraged by each thought, and that ultimately, God will get the glory.